[Y]volve Publishing is Revolving Door’s youth publishing arts program. [Y]volve provides high school students with hands-on experiences and insight into the publishing industry through the curation and production of teen writing at the manuscript level. Teens gain and leverage a variety of 21st Century, digital, artistic, and entrepreneurial skills as they take a book from concept to sale. [Y]volve employs a model of creative workforce development to expose young people to possible future careers in the literary arts and more in a fun, action- and impact-based environment.

[Y]volve Editors

This is Ahana, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you shortly! Hah no this isn’t a voicemail, but it is an editor bio.

Ahana is a junior at Walter Payton College Prep. A Gryffindor all the way, her patronus is a black stallion (so fancy!). She LOVES books, playing the bass & piano (she hopes to make a band in the near future), hanging out with awesome people, and way too many TV shows for her own good. People think she’s a little crazy because she likes to run for fun, but she’ll laugh when she’s that really cool fit grandma who runs marathons (hopefully). She loves all food, so she could never choose her favorite. In her opinion, puppies are cuter than babies, but it’s open for debate.

She’s so excited she gets to be an [Y]volve editor, and loves being an editor because it’s a great way to appreciate the art of writing while helping authors grow (and you don’t have to go through writer’s block yourself).

Mia is a 17 year old senior at Whitney Young and an editor on the Revolving Door Arts [Y]volve Publishing Team. She lives for the day that any Marvel movie or Netflix Original premieres, and is a Ravenclaw who isn’t that smart all the time. She’s an avid collector of notebooks, half-written short stories, and overly thought out novel outlines. Mia will fight to the death over the greatness of deep dish pizza and Sprite, but can’t keep a consistent music taste to save her life. She spends her days either sleeping or writing, both activities an aid to her incurable procrastination, and she checks her email at least twelve times a day.

She loves being an [Y]volve editor because she gets to help her fellow writers build up their works in the same way others have helped her before. Now, Mia has a question for you: Babies or puppies? Send her the answer on Instagram, at @_mmcds_.

Chester is Half-Elf Cleric, Hufflepuff and Half-Blood senior at ChiArts and an editor at Revolving Door Publishing. He is a poet at heart, but a collector of science fiction novels. His favorite thing is leaving Barnes and Noble with an arm-full of anything in a hardcover. He spends his weekends drinking a gallon of chai tea, forgetting to check his email, and watching the second season of Stranger Things for the fourth time that month.

His favorite part about being an [Y]volve editor is seeing the work of teens from all around Chicago, and always debating the age old question: Which is cuter, puppies or babies?

Heya there *finger guns* the name’s Muzammal, but you can call me Muzzy. I’m a sophomore down at Nicholas Senn High-school. Having many interests in art, music, comics, and many more thingys, I would say I’m a pretty awesome person. I’ve always loved food, Disney, jacksepticeye, samosas, reading, and photography. Call me part of Gryffindor, I love adventures and meeting new people. Along with that, if anyone wants to send me a free milkshake, I won’t stop you.

Being an [Y]volve editor gives me a chance to see how teens in Chicago see their lives, a truly interesting experience. Now that you know about me, I’ll ask you something. What’s cuter? Puppies or babies?